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Ivy Ridge Neighborhood Association

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Message from your President

Posted on January 25, 2018 at 8:55 AM

January 24, 2018


By now all homeowners should have received both a postal letter and an email from HomeLink Management Company. I understand that many questions have arisen regarding this decision. I hope this correspondence will address these questions. Please take the time to read and if you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me or any board member via email or by phone. Contact information in on the opening page of your new directory.

On October 4, 2017, an e-mail was sent to all homeowners which included the agenda for a Board Meeting that was to be held on October 12, 2017. Item #4 on the agenda was “Reasons for a management company beginning January 1, 2018”. Scott Sells, the owner of HomeLink Property Management was also in attendance to answer any questions regarding the decision to hire a management company. The minutes for this meeting are posted on our website, as well as the minutes for the October 23, 2017 Executive Session.

On October 23, 2017, the board voted (4-1) to hire HomeLink Property Management to represent the Ivy Ridge Neighborhood Association. The contract with HomeLink began January 1, 2018.

This decision has been a point of discussion not only with the current board, but also previous boards. Therefore, it is important for all homeowners to understand that the need for a management company in this neighborhood is now and has been a concern in recent years. Our by-laws allow your elected board to make this decision on behalf of the community.

At the time Ivy Ridge was first being developed, a management company was engaged with the HOA. The first builder in our community went bankrupt leaving the few (20-25 homes) with the financial burden of paying for the management company. Ultimately, there was no choice but to continue without one. Today, our community has now grown to 124 homes, and the task of running this very large community properly is beyond the scope of what should be expected of volunteers. It is time for the entire community to share this responsibility.

The reasons for our decision to engage a management company moving forward are highlighted below:

1. The number of homes and the amount of common area has grown substantially, making management of our community a daily undertaking. One responsibility of the management company will be to oversee the daily operations of this community. All decisions regarding Ivy Ridge HOA will remain with the Board.

2. There has been a lack of consistency from one board to the next, most significantly in the areas of enforcement of covenants, fiduciary responsibilities, and with the maintenance of common areas. A management company will not only provide this consistency, but will also help with the transition process when new board members are elected.

3. Enforcement of covenants must be done on a consistent basis. Minimum standards must be kept. A third party will make this possible without any prejudice involved.

4. Another issue that has arisen is the lack of respect for the volunteers that are serving our community. The board is trying to perform the duties that are dictated by our covenants and by-laws only to be threatened with physical abuse and subjected to extreme verbal abuse via mail and in person. This is a business and must run as such. The HomeLink Management Company will be able to create an unbiased relationship with the community.

5 The board does understand that there is a cost involved. We have looked at the budget very carefully in making this decision. Some of the cost will be covered by two line items in the current budget which will be included with the services provided by HomeLink. We estimate that the added cost per homeowner for this management company will be less than $4 per month. We feel this cost is well worth what HomeLink Management Company has the ability to do for our neighborhood, and then each homeowner will be contributing to the welfare of Ivy Ridge.

6. We also communicated with the boards of several neighboring communities similar in size to Ivy Ridge and received very positive responses when they were asked about engaging a management company.

In closing, I ask for each homeowner to keep an open mind for the duration of the 6-month contract with HomeLink.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott O’Brien, President